Green Laser Satellite Tracker

This Project is currently work in progress


Green Laser Satellite Tracker is a project to visualize the satellites which are not visible for the naked eye. Green lasers track the satellite using the estimation of orbit position of the satellite using SGP4.



There are around 3000 satellites orbiting the earth, and for LEO satellite it takes approximately 90 miniutes to orbit the Earth. However, such fascination is not visible for our eyes as the satellites are whether too small to be visible or to dim compared to the daylight or night stars to be visible to the naked eye. The Green Laser project is a project to visualize the satellite, such bringing the fascination of satellites visible to everyone.




Components were tried to be kept as a minimum but a lot more complex than I would expected it to be. The list of components are as below.
– OBC : arduino Uno
– Laser : Star pointer green laser 10mW
– Step motor driver :
– Step motor :
– GPS :


In the initial design of the satellite tracker, my first intention was to build a light, simple easy deployable satellite tracker. So the first design did not have any navigational sensors to navigate the position and the attitude of the tracker. However, this turned out to be a bad decision as setting up the tracker itself may be a painful task. So in the final design, I decided to implement GPS and magnetometers so that the tracker would automatically identify its position and attitude to track each satellite.

SatelliteTracker_v2.0_Image1 SatelliteTracker_v2.0_Image2

The tracker uses a two step motors to control the azimuth and elevation of the laser. The laser is triggered by a arm switch which supplies an independent power so that the laser is not emitted until the operator arms the laser.


Laser Test


First test showed promising result as the laser was visible through out the night sky. Seoul is not a place for a great experience as the night sky is very light but still the laser was visible through out the sky.


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