My Multirotor Projects

Jaeyoung Lim


  1. HeavyLift Multirotor for Medium Altitude Science Platform Multirotor platform for Cansat Deployment Jaeyoung Lim Seoul National University
  2. Contents • Introduction to Multirotors • Dynamics • System Layout • Motor Dynamics • Performance Estimation • Cansat Deployment • Heavy Lift Multirotor
  3. Introduction to Multirotors Flight control using multiple rotors
  4. Current Issues Banned out of line-of-sight flights for small unmanned aerial vehicles for the safety of conventional air traffic
  5. System Layout Flight Controller Receiver Motor Driver Motor Battery Design Agenda Motor Selection ESC Selection Battery Selection Define Mission
  6. Motor Dynamics • Kv Value (Speed Constant) • Theoretical Thrust NTM Prop Drive Series 42-38 750kv / 785w How much Power? How much Voltage?
  7. ESC Electric Speed Controller Battery Motor PWM Vcc GND • Performance is defined in terms of Amps • Maximum Current needed is defined by the motor • Usually 3S Lipo is used for small multirotors, 4S Lipo is used for large multirotors
  8. Performance Estimation Assumption 1. 2. Thrust Ratio shall be bigger than at least 2, bigger than 2.5 is ideal Linear assumption
  9. Flight Controller • Controls Attitude of the aircraft • Autonomous flight (Optional) • Camera Gimbals • SONAR Sensors • Various Flight Modes KK.2 Flight Controller MultiWii DJI Naza ArduPilot
  10. Flight Modes (APM) • Stabilize • Alt Hold • Loiter ( & OF_Loiter ) • RTL • Auto • Aco • Sport • Drift • Guided • Circle • Position • Land • FollowMe • Simple & Super Simple
  11. Ground Station Mission Planner QCGround Control

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