PX4 Seminar II – On-board Applications and Makefile

Jungtaek Kim


  1. PX4 Seminar – On-board Applications and Makefile
  2. PX4 Autopilot • Independent, open-source, open-hardware autopilot system oriented toward autonomous aircraft • BSD License • Started in 2009 • Be being developed and used at Computer Vision and Geometry Lab of ETH Zurich and supported by the Autonomous Systems Lab and the Automatic Control Laboratory
  3. Main Software Modules • PX4 Flight Stack • Flight control modules (Controller, Attitude estimator, MAVLink and etc) • PX4 Middleware • Drivers, uORB • PX4 ESC Firmware • PX4 Bootloader • Operating System • NuttX OS
  4. On-board Applications • System Applications • mavlink – Sends and receives MAVLink messages via serial port • sdlog2 – Logs system/flight data to the SD card • tests – Test applications to test the system (during bringup and troubleshooting) • top – Lists current processes and their CPU load • uORB – Micro Object Request Broker – distributing information between other applications • Drivers • mkblctrl – Mikrokopter BLCTRL Driver • esc_calib – ESC calibration tool • fmu – Configures FMU GPIO pins • gpio_led – GPIO LED driver • gps – GPS receiver driver • pwm – Command to set PWM update rates • sensors – Sensor utility • px4io – PX4IO driver • uavcan – UAVCAN driver
  5. On-board Applications (cont’d) • Flight Control Applications • Flight Safety and Navigation • commander – main flight safety state machine • navigator – Mission, failsafe and RTL navigator • Attitude and Position Estimators • attitude_estimator_ekf – EKF-based attitude estimator • ekf_att_pos_estimator – EKF-based attitude and position estimator (Paul Riseborough) • position_estimator_inav – Inertial navigation position estimator • Multirotor Attitude and Position Controllers • mc_att_control – Multirotor attitude controller • mc_pos_control – Multirotor position controller • Fixedwing Attitude and Position Controllers • fw_att_control – Fixed wing attitude controller • fw_pos_control_l1 – Fixed wing position controller • VTOL Attitude Controller • vtol_att_control – VTOL attitude controller
  6. System Startup • The boot process of PX4 • /etc/init.d/rcS (https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/ init.d/rcS) • /etc/rc.txt on the SD card (for advanced users) • If /etc/rc.txt does not exist, set to autostart mode • /etc/config.txt is executed if it exists • Configuration to set the environment variables (https://pixhawk.org/dev/ system_startup#configuration_variables) • /etc/extras.txt is executed if it exists • Start custom apps after the autostart process • All scripts belonging to the autostart process (https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/tree/master/ ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d)
  7. /etc/config.txt Example for Custom Model # Generic Quadcopter + set VEHICLE_TYPE mc set MIXER FMU_quad_+ # PX4IO PWM output will be used by default set PWM_OUT 1234 # Change parameters for the first 4 outputs set PWM_RATE 400 # Set PWM rate to 400 Hz for better performance set PWM_DISARMED 900 # Motors should stop at this PWM value set PWM_MIN 1100 # Motors should spin at low, idle speed at this PWM value set PWM_MAX 1900 # Motors should spin at max speed at this PWM value
  8. NuttShell • An embedded equivalent to bash and similar Unix shells • It is used to start all on-board applications and manage a executed process • It interacts with the user over a serial port (FMU system’s UARTS or USB) • http://nuttx.org/doku.php? id=documentation:nuttshell
  9. Makefile • Default available targets • archives – Build the NuttX RTOS archives that are used by the firmware build. • all – Build all firmware configs: aerocore_default px4fmu-v1_default px4fmu-v2_default px4fmu-v2_multiplatform px4fmu- v2_test px4io-v1_default px4io-v2_default. A limited set of configs can be built with CONFIGS= • aerocore_default – Build just the aerocore_default firmware configuration. • px4fmu-v1_default – Build just the px4fmu-v1_default firmware configuration. • px4fmu-v2_default – Build just the px4fmu-v2_default firmware configuration. • px4fmu-v2_multiplatform – Build just the px4fmu-v2_multiplatform firmware configuration. • px4fmu-v2_test – Build just the px4fmu-v2_test firmware configuration. • px4io-v1_default – Build just the px4io-v1_default firmware configuration. • px4io-v2_default – Build just the px4io-v2_default firmware configuration. • clean – Remove all firmware build pieces. • distclean – Remove all compilation products, including NuttX RTOS archives. • upload – When exactly one config is being built, add this target to upload the firmware to the board when the build is complete. Not supported for all configurations. • testbuild – Perform a complete clean build of the entire tree.
  10. Additional Rule for Makefile • /makefiles/*.mk • Details on /makefiles/README.txt (https:// github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/makefiles/ README.txt)

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