How to make WordPress blog with AWS server

This post is by Keunwoo Park.

FYI, this blog is not on AWS. In this post I want to share information that we need to know to set up WordPress with AWS. Of course, you can all knowledge for this kind of project. What I wanted to do is to gather these information, and fix little errors. Before start, I will skip basic setup for AWS. You can see ‘AWS Getting Start‘ page. Below are steps that I walked through.

  1. Set LAMP Environment on Ubuntu
  2.  Install WordPress on Ubuntu
  3.  Move your DB directory to EBS
  4. Change root Directory of Apache. For Ubuntu, default root directory of Apache is ‘/var/www/html’. So even though you start server in this step, you can’t see WordPress page. You need to change default root directory. If you followed upper steps you might need to set attribute ‘DocumentRoot’ to ‘/var/www’ in ‘/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf’ file
  5.  Configure SSL on Apache To set HTTPS settings for WordPress, it is more easier to install ‘HTTPS Plugin‘. You can search and install through your WordPress admin console page. But you will see that WordPress requires FTP.
  6. Install plugins or update WordPress without FTP

These are the things that I did to set up this WordPress page.

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