Build My Own Quadcopter

Dongho Kang Build My Own Quadcopter This is very brief introduction of the build own quadcopter. please visit 404warehouse blog for more details. English : Korean : Summary BUILD MY OWN QUADCOPTER WHY QUADS ARE SO POPULAR ? It’s very easy to build. Simple structure, few components… Only you need is a MCU…

APM Quadcopter Autonomous Flight

I and my friend Jaeyoung tested GPS Autonomous flight mode of APM with two quadcopters which embed APM boards.

One embed APM 2.6 board and another embed Pixhawk board. Both uses ArduCopter firmware. A mission of Auto-flight is taking off from launch site – moving to waypoint – hovering for 2 minutes – returning to launch site.

Teleoperated Car : Zipcar

Post written by Jaeyoung Lim Project by Jaeyoung Lim, Keunwoo Park, Dongho Kang Overview The Zipcar was an experimental project towards a more instinct interface from the conventional RC stick based interface for FPV driving experience. A racing wheel for gaming was used to control a remote control car providing onboard first-person-view(FPV) Video and data…