“Moving ideas to hands.”

404warehouse is a multidisciplinary group based in Seoul, Daejeon, Pohang and Zurich.

We are interested in experimenting new technologies to see what it can do to our everyday lives. We are interested in visualising new technologies in a comprehensive ways for everybody. We do this by making our hands dirty. Our group is also interested in implementing maker communities within Korea.

This blog is an archive for the experimental projects done within the group.

We prohibited the comment function to prevent spams or discontent spoiling our contents. If you want to contact us, please give us message via our 404warehouse Facebook page or send us a mail. Every comments and criticism will be great help in building our thoughts and ideas.


The members of 404_Warehouse are students studying engineering in SNU, KAIST, POSTECH and ETH Zurich. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiry regarding our projects.

Dongho Kang

  • MSc student at ETH Zürich
  • BSc at Seoul National University
  • Main Interests: Robotics / SW development / Open-source Projects
  • eastsky.kang@gmail.com
  • Blog – Dongho Kang

Jaeyoung Lim

  • MSc student at ETH Zürich
  • BSc at Seoul National University
  • Main Interests: Autonomous Unmanned Systems / Control / Systems Engineering
  • jalim@student.ethz.ch
  • Facebook – Jaeyoung Lim

Sungmoog Leem

  • BSc student at Seoul National University
  • Mxxg of Young Vinyls
  • Main Interests: Interactive Media / HCI / VR, AR, MR / Hiphop
  • quaizy@snu.ac.kr

Keunwoo Park

  • Ph. D. student at KAIST HCI Lab
  • BSc and MSc at KAIST
  • Main Interests: Wearable Computing, Tangible Interaction, Electronic Music, and Interactive Media
  • homepage: http://kwpark.io
  • email: keunwoo@kaist.ac.kr

Jungtaek Kim

  • Ph. D. Student at POSTECH ML Group
  • BSc at POSTECH
  • Main Interests: Automation of machine learning, Machine learning
  • jtkim@postech.ac.kr

Suhyun Lee

  • BSc student at Seoul National University
  • Support Research Engineer/Software Developer at tie(this is engineering)
  • Main Interests: Robotics/ Drones
  • raysuhyunlee@gmail.com
  • Youtube – KONGDOLE Production

Former Members

Taewan Hwang

Byungjoo Jeon

  • Main Interests: Prognostic / Signal processing
  • jbj0418@gmail.com

Sanghyun Hong

Shinwook Kang


We are grateful for the amount of support and sponsorship in making our activities possible.

Naver Labs

Supported by Naver Labs until 2016.


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