How to make low latency video camera with Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi camera

After we made Zipcar, we though about expanding this system. Current Zipcar system is working with radio signals, but I wanted to make system that works on internet.

So, first work is to make video streaming service that works on internet.

Hardware: Raspberry pi, Raspberry pi camera(this is not webcam)


If you search on the internet, you will see many webpages that uses ‘mjpg‘ method. Actually I tried two methods

  1. mjpg-streamer library
  2. mjpg method without using library(article),

But both methods had too much latency. It was about 4~500 ms. Too much for real time control system.

Luckily, I saw this article and some people said that ‘gstreamer‘ is much faster(in the comment).

So, tried gstreamer. I wanted to write how to use gstreamer. However there is already wonderful video in youtube.

After I used ‘gstreamer’, there was no latency.

Thanks to Brynlea Gibson. Her video helped me a lot. There would be no problem if you just follow this video.

Result: Better to use gstreamer rather then mjpg-streamer, if you need low latency system.

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