Playing with Orca

I recently found out an interesting programming language called Orca. It is an esoteric programming language for live midi control. This can be used for electronic music live performance (or live coding).

An interesting aspect of Orca is that it is a 2D programming language. The spatial relationship of codes in 2-dimensional space matters. This makes code more like and graphical expression. It enables artistic expression in both visual and musical.

I played with Orca for a few hours and this is the result.

Every code that I used is from this tutorial video. I just followed design patterns in this video.

There are some things I want to do more, but not sure how to do and whether it is even possible with Orca.

  • Separate attack and release timing. Every bang triggers both attack and release. However, I want to arpeggiator in Abltone, which requires a continuous keypress.
  • More general midi control. I want to control the parameters of virtual instruments, like using midi devices.


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